Struggling Google reaches out to Motorola because no one else will build Android phones

Larry, Sergey opt to follow Apple design model, minus great design and cultish user base


By acquiring a hardware-manufacturing capability from one of the largest manufacturers in the mobile-phone/mobile-computing market, Google's leadership is clearly trying to emulate Apple, though without the cultish fanboi following, heavy emphasis on user friendliness, slick design and compelling, image-based marketing.

That decision is a good one for Google because of the how obviously a strong sense of design and fanatic base of followers has held Apple back over the years.

Because there are so few complications or downsides, the acquisition will clearly be a successful one for Google, though there's a good change Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha – whose threat to collect royalties on Android devices was made six days before the acquisition was announced, meaning negotiations were going on at the time with a company famous for its tolerance for patent trolls – may end up disappeared to a place no search of any kind can find him.

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