Microsoft entices WebOS developers toward another doomed smartphone OS

Promise of free support draws ISVs toward Windows Phone 'Mango'


By Tuesday afternoon Watson had raked in more than 1,000 responses (some positive, some bitter, some inexplicable, like the guy who said he couldn't morally or ethically support an app that runs on a Nokia phone) that the CRM system into which all the names were loaded was having trouble keeping them all straight.

Few had anything to do with WebOS specifically; most were typical technical or licensing questions, or complaints at not having previous complaints answered more quickly.

It's more attention than Windows Phone has gotten for a while, though.

Some developers even sounded optimistic about the upcoming version of the OS code-named Mango, even though that seem just as unlikely as HP's original assertion that what the smartphone market really needed was yet another operating system from a company that wasn't very good at them any more.

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