Morning countdown: Will Amazon set the world on fire?

Plus: What's on your Facebook permanent record?


  1. Kevin Fogarty: Cable industry's a la carte proposal is a bait and switch [ITworld]
  2. Microsoft to Samsung: Shake that Android money maker [ITworld]
  3. Amazon's Silk upends browser tech [ITworld]
  4. Surprise! Windows Phone Mango allows tethering [ITworld]
  5. Tom Henderson: Oracle paints itself into a profitable corner [ITworld]
  6. Dan Tynan: Your Facebook file is hundreds of pages long. What's in it? [ITworld]
  7. Voting machines (still) shockingly easy to hack [ITworld]
  8. Yahoo tries to inspire employees with meaningless business-babble [ITworld]
  9. Amazon jumps into tablet fray with Fire [ITworld]
  10. Chris Nerney: The iPad finally has some competition [ITworld]
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