Kindle Touch system requirements, features and technical details

What Amazon's new touch ereader has to offer you

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The Kindle Touch is the latest version of Amazon's venerable ereader. Here's what it has to offer ebook readers and what you'll need to use it.

The Kindle Touch has an advanced e-ink display that now includes multi-touch.

This new version is 8% lighter, 11% smaller, and holds around 3,000 books.

You can listen to audio books, MP3s and use the Kindle Touch's text-to-speech feature.

The Kindle Touch also includes built-in Wi-Fi that should let you download a book in around 60 seconds.

The Kindle Store has more than 800,000 books with many of them being $9.99 or less.

You can also now borrow books from your local public library and read them on your Kindle Touch.

X-Ray lets you see inside of a book to find research information on characters and other parts of a book.

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