Ballmer slams Android as 'cheap,' doomed, as Android lengthens its lead by two big steps

Ice Cream Sandwich is cool; NSA/Army Android mod will outsrip Blackberry security


The SDK and more information is available here, in case you're interested.

Ballmer said the new line of Windows Phones will be out in time for Christmas and will beat both Apple and Android on its merits. Microsoft is also beating Google in the cloud applications market, he said – a lead that will only increase after Windows 8 ships, Ballmer said.

Despite Microsoft's own solid record in attempts to warp reality, Steve Jobs was always praised as the king of reality modification and emitter of a personal reality distortion field.

Now that he's gone, it's good to see Ballmer trying to carry on the tradition, albeit in a way that's more difficult to use and less elegant than Jobs always managed.

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