First Nokia phones don't make slam-dunk case for big Windows Phone comeback

Nokia phones are slick, but even fans wonder how well they'll sell running Windows


Abe Olandres, who reviewed the N9 for GMANews, which is based in the Philippines and has tested many of the recent Nokia phones, doesn't sound optimistic:

For a first-time Meego device, the Nokia N9 is nothing short of impressive. Good build quality, nice simple design, great multimedia performance and a pretty capable shooter. And I have to admit, the N9 has certainly gotten my two thumbs up. I’d even dare to say that Meego works better than WP7 and they should just have used it for their flagship smartphones instead of partnering with Microsoft. That’s based from experience of using the HTC HD7 running Windows Phone 7 for a year. – Abe Olandres, GMANews, Oct. 26, 2011.

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