Everyone knows Verizon didn't really mean it supports net neutrality, right?

Nixing Google Wallet shows Verizon sticks to its bedrock principle of self-service in all things


Even if you are exactly the model of the kind of arrogant, power-abusing mega corporation nearly every consumer and business would hate to be beholden to for a vital service, you should embrace that reality.

Don't worry that you're setting a precedent as exactly the kind of consumer-abusing, promise-breaking, net-denutralizing company the FCC should paint on a target and hang on its wall, the kind of company whose abuses are so legendary, uncontrollable and resistant to every kind of external pressure that you force the do-nothing federal government to finally do something – like take you to court for a decade-and-a-half as the DoJ did with Microsoft.

Don't worry about those things and don't worry about what other people say net neutrality should be.

You stick to what you think net neutrality should be and which of your favorite exclusionist principles and practices should be exempted from any net neutrality regulations just because you are Verizon and Verizon deserves to warp competition in the market, exploit customers, violate regulations on privacy, competition and net neutrality simply because it is what it is: the biggest gorilla in the room, and the gutsiest.

Who else would spend so much time promising one thing and work so hard to deliver another, without ever acknowledging there's a difference between the two?

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