Incredibly simple jailbreak makes Amazon Kindle Touch a fuller-function tablet

JavaScript code in MP3 tag opens root access for whatever code you want to run


Amazon's Kindle Touch has a full-touch control interface, built-in Wifi, the ability to run or stream audio MP3 files, several unannounced features many users would love and, now, a freely available jailbreak that could let developers build their own apps to run on the newest version of Amazon's e-book reader.

The jailbreak is surprisingly simple to find, build and use, according to developer and Kindle expert Yifan Lu, who has jailbroken several previous versions of the device as well.

Amazon rewrote significant chunks of the Kindle interface to add full touch support and to make the controls more easily accessible with one hand.

Much of the interface was rewritten in HTML5 and JavaScript, rather than less accessible Java code, Lu wrote.

"In fact, many of the interfaces on the Touch are actually web pages in disguise," Lu wrote. "For example: the password entry screen, the search bar (which is just an HTML page with a frame), the browser, Wifi selection screen and even the music player."

None of the functions themselves are written in HTML5 or JavaScript because that would make them too slow, Lu wrote.

Only the interfaces use JavaScript, but Amazon built in hooks that allow JavaScript code to call function libraries in the Kindle's proprietary OS.

That makes for a more web-friendly interface, but also creates a connection to core functions of the OS that other developers can also exploit, though Lu didn't have to look too deep before finding a readty-made pathway through the Kindle's security:

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