Tech 2011: The weird and weirder

The past year saw some huge tech news stories, along with more unusual fare


There were any number of huge stories in the world of technology this year, from the death of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs to AT&T's doomed bid to purchase T-mobile USA for $39 billion to Research in Motion's general doom.

But the tech headlines weren't dominated exclusively by "big" events. Weird stuff happened too, and below are links to some of the more amusing tech stories of the year. Enjoy.

Cloud Girlfriend, meet Pathetic Loser. Pathetic Loser, meet Cloud Girlfriend

Following this porn studio on Twitter might save you from global apocalypse!

Billionaire Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen buys a fighter jet (because he can)

Carol Bartz insists on credit for non-existent Yahoo turnaround

Apple's helpful guidelines for competitors to avoid patent infringement

iPhone 4 plunges 1,000 feet from Air Force plane, keeps on ticking!

Socialist computer overlord to control army of surveillance hummingbirds

Study suggests Facebook is more addictive than sex

Nothin’ left to believe: Facebook Tattoo Lady turns out to be fake!

Irate prostitute hands Apple golden marketing opportunity

Jon Bon Jovi says he's not dead. The Internet says he is.

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