Cool mobile accessories to add to your travel toolkit

These chargers, cases, and other accessories for your smartphones and tablets can help make your trip a little smoother.

By Angela West, PC World |  Mobile & Wireless

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, you need to check into work on the go, get more out of your smartphone, and keep your gadgets powered and ready for anything. These durable cases, long-lasting chargers, and cool add-ons promise to help you do more on the road or in the air.

iDapt Chargers While the iDapt charger is hardly the only universal charger on the market, its maker has committed to keep developing new interchangeable tips so that the charger you buy today will also be able to charge your devices 10 years from now. If that promise holds true, that puts the iDapt ahead of competing products for about the same price.

Price: from $24.99

Olloclip iPhone Camera Lens

This clip-on accessory gives your iPhone fish-eye, wide-angle, and macro lenses. Olloclip was a rockstar on fundraising website Kickstarter, where it blew past its asking goal of $15,000 to raise just over $68,000.

Price: $69.99

Durable iPad 2 Cases There are lots of iPad and tablet cases on the market that look pretty, but when traveling, you want durable. We've covered a bunch of different iPad 2 cases, but my picks for preserving your iPad 2 are the Ultimate Carbon Fiber Case for iPad 2 by Innopocket and the RAM Rugged Handi-Case (shown here), which acts as a mini-briefcase and can replace a laptop bag.

Ultimate Carbon Fiber Case Price: $199.00 RAM Rugged Handi-Case Price: $97.13

iGeek Large Capacity Portable Charger

If you're going to be somewhere without power for a significant period of time, this large capacity charger has got your iPads, tablets, smartphones and other phones covered. It should add hours of time for you to tap away on your tablet. Too bad it doesn't power laptops.

Price: $61.99

Zagg Folio for Samsung Galaxy Tab

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