AT&T, Samsung deny being source of their own best news at CES

Retraction treats leak that AT&T will carry Galaxy successor like it accused vendors of a crime


The stories were short-lived on the news site of Wells Fargo Advisors, but live on at sites like PhotoRumors, which picked up both camera stories.

Please ignore the information you just received; no one sent it

The best retraction of an unintentional revelation so far is from Korean smartphone-accessory vendor Anymode, which put out a press release touting the "first accessories for the Samsung Galaxy Note" – the successor to Samsung's well-reviewed Galaxy smartphone that is due to be available in the U.S. early in 2012.

The release invited members of the press to visit with Anymode at CES and to check out demos of the Samsung Galaxy Note at the booth of AT&T, which acquired the right to distribute the unreleased phone:

Anymode is introducing its accessories into the North American market for the first time at CES. AT&T recently named Anymode as OEM vendor for many of its Galaxy Note accessories. Samsung has shipped more than one million Galaxy Notes globally as of December 2011. The Note is expected to be available in the United States in early 2012 through AT&T. – Anymode press release Jan. 5, 2012

The problem is that AT&T has not announced that it acquired rights to distribute Galaxy Note, though it already sells the earlier Samsung Galaxy.

The embarrassingly frank and impossibly vague retraction that came out this morning apologized to members of the press for providing a release that "contained inaccurate information" without saying what information about AT&T, the Samsung Galaxy Note or Anymode was actually inaccurate

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