Everyone is the new CEO of RIM!

Now that someone new has the reins at the BlackBerry maker, he can take in some of the web's many, many free bits of advice.


  • “Make BlackBerry into a service provider and drop the handsets”: What is RIM without BlackBerry? In some investors and pundits’ eyes, it’s a firm that manages a security-minded data platform that has lots of government and big business customers that have invested heavily in its architecture. Licensing its forthcoming QNX software has supposedly been discussed, and new CEO Heins said he was open to the idea. BlackBerry as a platform provider is obviously a smaller company than the handset maker, but it’s also a company that certain phone makers would want to partner up with, if only to offer secure BlackBerry email and BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) services on their own phones.

  • Stop blaming the marketing: Like the “culture change” advice, nobody thinks this is a bad idea. RIM’s newly-minted CEO stated Sunday that the company “needs to be more marketing-driven.” It’s true that RIM’s attempt to portray their phones as chic lifestyle items may fall on many deaf ears, but only because the devices themselves, and the software they run, don’t exactly exude that certain cachet. Fix the product, then tell a story about it.

  • Got your own unsolicited advice for RIM? Seen any good articles about what the BlackBerry maker should do? Let’s hear it in the comments.

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