New Android augmented reality rumors, a super-slim Galaxy S III, and free T-Mobile phones

One is true, one is pretty neat, and the other is a wait-and-see. Plus: more Transformer Primes, forever.


Google developing Android-powered augmented reality glasses

Source: 9to5 Google.

Details: Android software monitors what you're seeing through a pair of apparently thickened Oakley-like sunglasses, then projects information about key items and locations with a graphic overlay on one of the lenses. You respond and interact by tilting your head, which, you know, totally won't confirm any suspicions the neighbors have had about you.

Likelihood: That Google is testing something like this in a deep cavern of their Mountain View lair? Almost certain. That it's within two years of shipping? Lower than Android phones being allowed to sync through iTunes.

Get excited?: Actually, kind of, despite the far-fetched nature. Companies like Vuzix are already offering glasses that don't look like robot orthodontic gear, and some neat developments for average phone-toters can come out of learning how people interact with their eyes.

T-Mobile making all phones bought with contract free on Feb. 11

Source: TmoNews, which you can almost always assume is the source of any non-wild T-Mobile rumor.

Details: 4G smartphones, and even some tablets, are all free after rebates with a two-year, 5 GB data contract, for one day only (and online).

Likelihood: Actually, between star-ing this rumor in Google Reader and this morning, the rumor panned out to be true. So, uh, pretty good.

Get excited?: If you're a T-Mobile customer up for contract renewal with good negotiating skills, or about to switch over to T-Mobile, go ahead and snicker at your friends blowing $200 for the opportunity to pay even more each month (depending on your service).

Next Transformer Prime tablet/laptop hybrid due out soon

Source: Web site that might be named Cool3C, via Android and Me

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