Throttled iPhones help AT&T show how hard it is to drive smartphone customers away

Plan to shift from unlimited to "unlimited" data plan relies on manipulation, scapegoating of customers


Secret data-hog-fingerpointing also changes the fundamental portions of the agreement customers signed with it so as to blame customers for AT&T's mistakes and use sneaky, manipulative ways to get them to pay.

That's how you make good phones bad, ruin what's left of your reputation for even caring what customer think, let alone providing them good service, and corrode what little trust your customers still have in you.

In fact, the only good thing about the frozen-fishstick customer-manipulation-strategy is that it proves once and for all that, no matter how bad the service you provide, how rude or dismissive you are of your customers, how abusive of their expectations and values, if they're fond enough of the phone you sold them, there are some customers you'll never be able to drive away.

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