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The Rise of the Mobile Workforce: Don't Lose Control of Managing End User Experience



    Wed. April 25th ~ 11 AM ET or 1 PM ET

    Critical business apps are increasingly accessed by smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Due to the complexity of mobile apps, it is challenging to ensure optimal performance before they "go live". This 30-Minute Webinar will discuss:
    * Strategies for providing 24/7 End User Experience (EUE) Management of mobile apps
    * Insight into how advanced real-time analytics powers root cause of poor EUE and reduction of MTTR
    * Strategies for unified EUE Management across virtual, physical, and mobile environments

    Special Offer:
    Registrants will receive a copy of a new whitepaper, "EndUserExperience4Mobile: Aternity Unplugs EUE by Going Mobile"

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