Google Nexus tablet delays, iPhone 5 chipset testing, and another no-Google-needed Android

Your rumor roundup for April 11, featuring all the news that's fit to print with major caveats.


The A5X, as seen in the iPad 3

Image via Ars Technica.

April is the cruelest month, breeding iPhone 5 rumors out of the (temporarily) dead gadget realm, mixing memories of gee-whiz product launches with desire for some competition, and stirring inventory issues with overseas rumor. Let’s get into it.

Apple’s next iPhone is shaping up, testing in Cupertino

Sources: 9to5Mac, BGR, and Kotaku

Details: There are so many! First, testers at Apple are being given iPhones that have the iPhone 4S body, but with an upgraded “A5X” chipset, including a doubled ram capacity. Next, the actual body of the phone is likely to be entirely new, or at least new enough to require new cases and peripherals--likely larger, like 4 inches. Adding 4G service is almost assumed at this point. And finally, the launch date is said to be, variously, the third quarter of 2012, October of 2012, or June of 2012.

Likelihood: I should really create an automatic text script that adds this line to any Apple-related rumor: “It’s entirely possible that they’re testing (X), or building prototypes of (X), but Apple makes many tests and prototypes that get discarded with ruthless discern.” That said, there does seem to be consensus around a new form factor, and the June date is the standard for iPhone launches.

Get excited?: At least about the doubled memory amount! Otherwise, sure, get amped about the device Apple has you wondering about the other six months of the year, now that the iPad is long since past.

Google pushing back its co-branded tablet to July, cutting price and tweaking design

Source: The Verge

Details: It was all but confirmed that Google would launch a 7-inch tablet at their Google I/O conference in late June, at a low, probably subsidized price. That price was rumored around $149-$199, but the last word out was $250. So now, according to The Verge’s “sources close to the project,” Google is pushing back to July, and trying to get the price lower, as well as tweak the design.

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