Google Nexus tablet delays, iPhone 5 chipset testing, and another no-Google-needed Android

Your rumor roundup for April 11, featuring all the news that's fit to print with major caveats.


Likelihood: Google has “launched” a product at Google I/O before and not had it actually available to hand out as a goodie, as they did last year with Samsung Chromebooks. So entirely possible, but … what does a company do with extra time to lower a price? Beg, cajole, and mow Asus’ lawn for a month?

Get excited?: I’m really intrigued by the idea of a very slimmed-down, Kindle-Fire-esque tablet that might have a bit more oomph behind it.

Android device due out this year that’s out of Google’s hands

Source: Technology Review, which is inferring from a discussion with CEO Ted Morgan of Skyhook Wireless, provider of geolocation services to many devices.

Details: Many manufacturers are looking at how Amazon pulled together their own version of Android with Google’s apps and input almost entirely removed and crafted it into the Kindle Fire. At least one big firm is looking at doing the same. Facebook? Or Amazon again, but this time with a phone, or that bigger tablet that was supposed to ship with the Fire?

Likelihood: Hard to say. Technically, cheap-o tablets have been made without Google’s blessing for a while now, with manufacturers adding their own (awful) email apps and app markets. But for a big player to step in? Maybe Amazon again.

Get excited?: It’s an interesting move, unless it’s a last-ditch move by Best Buy. Then it’s just kind of funny.

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