Indestructible Galaxy Note and leaked Jelly Bean -- today's rumor roundup

Will Samsung launch its next phone/tablet hybrid as an indestructible device?


Get excited?: Even if Android 4.1 was nothing but bug fixes and a promise from Google that it would arrive much, much quicker on phones and tablets than 4.0, I’d be excited.

Windows Phone 8 announcement involves multi-core processors, new OS core

Source: Gizmodo

Details: Windows Phone 8, code-named “Apollo,” is a quietly major upgrade to Windows Phone at a root level. A much faster processor, a system that casts off the chains of Windows Mobile CE, and probably a few other surprises announced later today and tomorrow.

Likelihood: 75-80 percent. Microsoft has proven pretty good at keeping secrets of late, so not everything we think we know about their self-designed products turns out to be true (see above).

Get excited?: Windows Phone is always interesting, unless you make your living off of commissions from phone sales.

Top image and thumbnail via Gizmodo.

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