Sci-fi vehicles become reality for geek mechanics

Videos of Batman BatBike, Star Wars hover-bikes hit the InterWebs


Check out this news report by Zoominuk highlighting a man in Vietnam who has constructed a prototype motorcycle of Batman's "Batpod" from the Dark Knight movie series.

The vehicle appears to be street legal (well, in Vietnam, at least), although I'm pretty sure the rotating machine gun is just for show.

The video reminded me of another video that had the Internet buzzing a few weeks ago - a group of people building a hover-bike similar to vehicles seen in the Star Wars movies (is a land-speeder that far off?)

Building vehicles based on ones seen in movies is certainly a cool geeky project - if you can make it in a movie, you can probably make a close replica in real life. Maybe these guys can start working on a warp-drive spaceship next.

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