How BYOD has changed the IT landscape

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At the Burr, Pilger, Mayer firm, it is viewed that BYOD devices have to be audited just like any corporate-issued device would. So employees eager to go BYOD have to agree to use the necessary mobile-device management software and services, which includes Fiberlink MaaS360. They must adhere to specific iOS and Android types -- and definitely not 'jailbreak' their Apple smartphones to disable security (which the firm says it would know immediately if it happened). Each BYOD user also has to sign two policy documents about accepted practices and the company's requirements.

"It states you agree the firm can wipe the device," says Peters, adding the accounting firm also affirms the right to randomly monitor the device. But all these measures don't totally put to rest the uneasy feeling about the invasion of consumer devices into the corporate world.

Indeed, some businesses have put up the 'Keep-Out' sign to BYOD at least for now.

"I'm not comfortable with BYOD," says Brad Hillebrand, director of enterprise technology at paint and protective coatings manufacturer Rust-Oleum. "I don't want corporate resources on devices we don't own."

Instead, Rust-Oleum, which uses GroupLogic for mobile-device secure file-sharing, has started issuing iPads and iPhones to employees and telling them the devices now have a "personal mode" that allows personal data use "in a personal-security mode."

This personal mode is enabled by software from MobileIron and AirWatch that separates usage into business and personal. "Rather than BYOD, we're providing the personal mode," Hillebrand says. While users seem happy about it, Hillebrand acknowledges it does add cost and managers get monthly reports to see how "personal mode" is faring, especially in terms of wireless data-service plans.

Some organizations these days believe that BYOD is a way the corporation can save money by not buying corporate-issued mobile smartphones or tablets at all for employees.

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