Productivity vs. cost: What you must consider before cutting the cord and mobilizing Your workforce

By Dave Berg, senior director of product management at Shunra Software, Network World |  Mobile & Wireless, enterprise mobility

The bottom line costs of security for a mobile workforce that can be quite a bit more than for a fixed workforce. This is largely due to the increase in potential points of entry that need to be secured. Any Starbucks, airport lounge, or hotel room Wi-Fi connection now becomes a potential entry point to your network for those who would seek to cause mischief, or worse. Do you pay to secure employees' private mobile devices or do you roll the dice and hope that they make smart decisions that don't put your data at risk?

While greater mobility for companies and their employees is a reality and has tremendous advantages, you cannot rush into mobilizing your workforce without considering the associated costs. Without doing so, any potential bottom-line benefits due to increased worker productivity could be offset by increased IT expenditures and security breaches. Only by seriously contemplating these factors as they affect your entire organization, not just those workers who will be mobile, will you be able to implement a successful, productive, and cost-effective workforce mobilization strategy.

Dave Berg is the senior director of product management at Shunra Software, a Philadelphia-based company specializing in network virtualization to help firms worldwide ensure application performance and end user experience. For more information, please visit

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