Explaining the Apple Maps debacle

Confused about the uproar over Apple Maps? Allow us to explain it so even mom will understand


Is Apple aware of these problems?

Yes, and they’ve asked people to have patience.

What’re they doing to fix Maps?

They’re hiring former Google Maps developers to fix Apple Maps.

That’s clever of Apple!

I guess.

What if I’m using iOS 6 but I really don’t want to use Apple Maps?

Don’t leave your house.

Very funny. Seriously, what are my options?

You can still use Google Maps through the browser - or jailbreak your phone and install a hacked port of the Google Maps app to iOS 6.

Can I go to jail for jailbreaking?


Good, because I’ve seen Oz.

Any other questions?

Are those my only options?

No. If you’re still running iOS 5, you can just choose not to upgrade. Or you can switch to an Android phone and be back in the land of Google. Or you can switch to a BlackBerry.

A Black-what?

Nevermind, mom.

I hope this helps! Feel free to print this out and keep it in your wallet for future reference.

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