Aruba eases WiFi access point set-up

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The support for Apple's Bonjour protocol is an acknowledgement of the huge influx of iPhones and iPads into corporate networks over the past three years. Bonjour is intended for simple, single-network discovery of resources like printers and Apple TV boxes. But the multicast protocol creates challenges for IT groups and Aruba is one of the WLAN vendors offering features that make Bonjour more manageable. (See "Petition to 'fix' Apple's Bonjour technology now online.")

Aruba controllers still offer several features not found in Aruba Instant: centralized VLAN and IP address management, encryption, and VPN termination, says Gerry Festa, senior director, product and solutions marketing, at Aruba. But Festa says there are no scaling limits for an Aruba Instant deployment, without controllers.

Aruba access points can be configured as either controller-based or controller-less. Existing access points can be upgraded with the new firmware, free of charge.

Both the new version of Aruba Instant Enterprise and the new Aruba Activate service are available now; both are free.

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