Verizon is shutting its own app store. Did it learn anything?

Verizon's own app store is dead. Why did it exist in the first place?


A little over a year ago, Verizon partnered with app-finding startup Chomp (since acquired and swallowed up by Apple), looking to make it easier for phone owners to find apps by phrases and uses, rather than by name. And a Verizon representative boasted that “while only around one in 10 app downloads on the broader Android Market are paid, some three in five of Verizon app downloads are paid.” To my ears, that sounds like Verizon was happy with customers who were led to believe they had to pay for most apps, and were bolstering their ability to direct phone owners searching for new abilities into their more purchase-based store.

But all that’s in the past now, as Verizon starts removing Verizon Apps from customers’ phones and winding down its developer payments. Verizon has definitely learned that its customers prefer to buy software from software companies, and it will not be trying to determine which virtual wallets, tethering apps, and video chat software it would prefer its customers to use. Yeah!

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