Tablet users more female-y than smartphone users

New survey finds some key differences in the usage of tablets and smartphones; your household usage may differ


Tablet users are more likely to be female than are smartphone users - which is certainly true in my house

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When it comes to predicting the the success of emerging technologies, I’ve never exactly been confused with Nostradamus. From the Internet (“Fad”) to camera phones (“Who needs a phone with a camera?”) my record at business prognostication is unblemished - I’m 0-for-everything. So, naturally, while I predicted short and unprofitable lifespans for smartphones and tablets when they first came out, use of both has done nothing but skyrocket.

Having now accepted the reality that smart devices are here to stay (probably), I was interested to see a recent report by Flurry Analytics about tablet and smartphone usage. The results are based on data collected from 500 million smart devices across 30 million consumers. The study found that:

  • 49% of tablet users are female, versus 44% of smartphone users
  • Tablet users tend to be older than smartphone users, with average ages of 34 and 30, respectively
  • Smartphones are more likely to be used during the day than tablets, while the reverse is true during the evening
  • Smartphones are used more frequently, 13 times during the week, versus 9.5 for tablets, while, tablets are used for longer periods of time than smartphones, 8 minutes on average versus 4
  • The number one use for both tablets and smartphones is gaming, taking up 67% of the time spent on tablets and 39% of time spent on smartphones
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