iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending Dec. 14

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The iOSphere is the only virtual place where reality imitates fantasy.

This weeks' best rumor is all about how Batman's "3D mapping sonar" technology used in "The Dark Knight" movie is the obvious basis for yet another Apple invention, disclosed in yet another patent application, that yet again no one really seems to understand.

That's the great thing about iOSphere rumors: The less you know, the more freedom you have to elaborate rumors.

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You read it here second.



iPhone 5 will have 3D mapping sonar, just like whales or "The Dark Knight Rises" movie

David Price of Macworld UK is ecstatic. "Recent Apple patent activity raises hopes of sonar and audio-detecting screen in the Apple iPhone 6," he writes, generously overlooking the far greater role that rumor activity plays in raising our hopes of all kinds of things.

"Today we're wondering if recent Apple patents point to upgraded features in the iPhone 6's screen -- potentially including the ability to listen to and map out the world around it using microphone diaphragms and sonar," he announces.

"Yes, that's right: the iPhone 6 could have sonar. Can you say OMG?"


He helpfully includes a photo of the humpback whale, "which uses sonar, just like an iPhone 6. Possibly."

In this Wikipedia article on whale vocalization, the contention is that whales use sounds for communication. Their alleged sonar capabilities apparently are still a matter of hypothesis, and debate, according to footnotes.

Even worse for Price, the article about the patent, posted at PatentlyApple.com, doesn't use the word "sonar."

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