5 Things to do right away on your new Android device: Part 2

5 more settings and tweaks that you might get around to on your new Android, but probably won't


If there’s one thing that separates Android from iPhone, it is Android’s deep-down customization and straight-up usefulness. Androids can, by default, do quite a few things iPhones do not allow for, but you have to know where to find those handy tools in a rather crowded shed. Here are 5 more things I suggest the owner of any new Android phone set up right away.

Like Part 1 of the Android right-away list, these tips are not the really basic stuff, like setting up your first Google account or adding icons to your home screen. They are, hopefully, things you may not have thought of, or find in your casual look-through, but are useful and time-saving on a day-to-day basis.

Note: This, like Part 1, is a revised and updated version of a quick-start guide included in my book, The Complete Android Guide, which I am still desperately overdue in updating. Enjoy the fruits of my procrastination!

6) Add a PIN or password to unlock your phone (only while you’re out!)

What are the chances, you ask yourself, that you’ll really lose your phone? Actually, the lost-phone statistics are not great. And then there’s leaving your phone on a table, accessible to anyone who wants to snoop. Do the bare minimum for your security: head to your phone Settings, select Security, and under the Screen Security heading, tap “Screen lock.” Choose PIN or Password; Face Unlock is quirky and still somewhat rough, and Pattern only works if nobody thinks to look for the finger smudges on your glass at an angle.

Constantly entering your PIN or password when you’re just at home, or at the office, gets annoying. I highly recommend Unlock with Wifi for that pain. Install it, give it administrator access, and it releases the need for security whenever you’re connected to a trusted Wifi network (which you must add to the app’s list manually).

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