The most useful posts from Mobilize! in 2012

The most action-ready, explainer-y, how-to-ish posts I wrote in the just-past year about phones and such.


  • You really truly don’t need to pay so much for text messages anymore - Unlimited text messaging plans are one of those $5-per-month “Oh well” costs that are easy to let go for a long time. But you might be able to save yourself a coffee or three every month.

  • Three ways to calmly step away from your smartphon - Day one with your first web-connected, multi-touch smartphone: “Oh, my goodness! It can tell me about everything!” Day five: “Please, somebody, stop this thing from telling me about everything.

  • More reasons why Dropbox has won so many geeky hearts - In case you were wondering in how many ways, exactly, Dropbox is killing it.

  • The best phone so few know about - It’s an unlocked phone. That’s because the wireless business model in the U.S. makes them crazy expensive for something you can easily drop or drown.

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