iPhone 6 rumor rollup for week ending Jan. 11

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Even without Apple being at the gigantic Consumer Electronics Show this week in Las Vegas, it proved to be a treasure trove of iPhone 6 revelations for those with the wit to look beneath the surface of things.

Things like IGZO screens. And Gorilla Glass 3.

Also this week: The sky darkened under the crisscrossing trajectories of contradictory speculation: The Next iPhone would be smaller and cheaper; and bigger and cheaper; and bigger and more expensive. Or something.

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You read it here second.



iPhone 6 feature revealed by Sharp at CES

And they didn't even realize it! Not so sharp, after all, apparently.

GottaBeMobile's Adam Mills found Sharp's booth, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), where the company was proudly showing its IGZO display technology. (You can check out GottaBeMobile's video, which shows a prototype tablet sporting the prototype display.)

"Sharp not only showed off flexible displays like Samsung, but maybe more importantly, the company showed off its IGZO display technology, the same technology that has been rumored to be coming with the next iPhone model, presumably called the iPhone 5S or the iPhone 6," Mill announced, just in case you weren't au courant with the IGZO rumors, which are almost as tediously repetitive as the rumors that Apple's next iWhatever will have a fabulous Liquidmetal body.

IGZO displays can be brighter, higher-than-1080p resolution, and much more power efficient than conventional displays, according to Sharp, which with several other display vendors is a major supplier to Apple.

In a few sentences, possibly using copy/paste or a macro, Mills deftly summed up months of rumors about the next iPhone. And then he ruined it all at the end.

"Keep in mind, Apple rumors often don't pan out so it's possible that Apple will go in a different direction with the new iPad and the new iPhone in 2013," he wrote.

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