3 things Android’s keyboard needs to fix

Shortcuts, web addresses, and emoji support. Small, but crucial, and making life better for every thumb.


Built-in support for more Emoji

Emoji are a bit weird, at first glance. Then you get a few emoji texts from a friend, or you see them on a forum or chat client, and you start to see the value of expressing “fire,” “person with blonde hair,” and “face with look of triumph” in your mobile communications. Apple’s iOS devices support many pages’ worth of emoji. Android, just recently, in newer versions, only supports a very small handful of emoji. When your iOS friend tries to message you with emoji, it looks like the image at the top of this post.

This isn’t just Android and Google that need to get their emoji game tight. Apple’s devices don’t use the same shortcodes and conventions that many web tools utilize, and vice-versa. It would be hard to codify emoji, as they are naturally silly, fun, and resistant to ranking and categorization. But it would be really nice.

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