New BlackBerry mobile management tools ready for download

RIM hopes upgraded BES 10 tool can help boost BlackBerry sales; analysts are skeptical on eve of new RIM smartphone launch

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"RIM can't make a go of it simply on their BES software," Gold said. "RIM's turnaround will be dependent on the acceptance of the new devices. Mobile Device Management is not enough, unless RIM wants to get out of the hardware business and drastically downsize, which it does not."

By allowing an IT shop to simultaneously manage Android, iOS and BlackBerry devices, BES 10 means an IT shop will be under less pressure to remove RIM devices from its infrastructure, Gold predicted.

Also, Gold said organizations will want to install BES 10 to get full management capability of the new smartphones.

Competing mobile device management products, such as those from Good, or VMware or Red Bend will support the new BlackBerry smartphones, though BES 10 will be able to manage them more completely, Gold said.

A variety of smartphones with dual identities for corporate and personal data are slated for unveiling in 2013.

Some make use of hypervisors which can either run in hardware or as a guest OS to provide a dual persona for personal and corporate data.

Holleran, Gold and Redman agreed that BlackBerry Balance is not a hypervisor, but instead is a highly secure capability built into the root of the BlackBerry 10 OS. "It is not an OS inside of an OS," Holleran said.

Redman described Balance as "application specific" software that's similar to AT&T's Toggle product for Android or Enterproid's Divide software.

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