Download free Shoot the Apple 2 game for Android devices

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Here's how you can download the Shoot the Apple 2 app free for Android devices.

1. Go to the Google Play page for the free app Shoot the Apple 2.

2. Tap the Install button.

Here's a description of Shoot the Apple 2:

"Shoot the Apple 2 is back with more challenging worlds, new game play and much better graphics!

Alien is still in love with Miss Apple. New obstacles emerged. But don’t worry! Alien has mastered new skills. Try your best to help alien reach the apple in each stage!

How to play?

Tap on screen to shoot alien.
Cannon power and angle depend on the touch point.
Shoot to activate other cannons. Different aliens have different functions.
Pass level if alien reaches the apple successfully.
Use items when in need.
The less aliens you shoot, the more coin rewards you get.
Join in the wonderful new world now!"

Shoot the Apple 2

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