Why unlocking your phone without permission will be illegal (and why you should care)

Phone unlocking without a carrier's consent will be illegal after Saturday. Seriously.


I think that expecting the carriers to maintain a consistent unlocking policy for transactions they've already processed is like asking the scorpion not to sting. I think that the unlocking exception in the DMCA can be revised to prevent "large scale phone trafficking operations" from exploiting loopholes, without cracking down on the guy who broke his $200 phone after 3 months and can't afford a $600 replacement. I think it stinks that the end of this 90-day window garnered only 12 articles that Google News could see today (now there are 13). Maybe there were just too many aspects of Apple's quarterly earnings and stock price to fit in fundamental device rights this week.

(Hat tip to Mashable for the tip and early post.

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