iPad app helps Forest Service distribute maps for firefighters

By Stephanie Overby , CIO |  Mobile & Wireless, ipad apps, mobile apps

There are currently 2,000 users of the app, and Brenzel expects that number to triple this year as his unit starts chasing the fire season from late February to early November. "We're also starting to work with the battalion chiefs making maps of the forest for the day-to-day project work that we do when we're not on fire," such as creating community defense fuel breaks, where people remove vegetation around the forest to stop a fire's spread and protect homes.

What to Watch Out For: Avenza has not yet introduced its Android app, so Brenzel had to implement a different map distribution app for half of his users. He also had to figure out a stable method of distribution since most federal sites use protected intranets. Ultimately, he created a public folder in DropBox and embedded QR code functionality into the Avenza app so users scan the code to pull up the latest maps.

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