6 (sort of) must have Valentine's Day apps

With Valentine’s Day bearing down on us like a raging nor’easter, here are some apps to help you navigate those tricky romantic waters


Engagement Ring Finder
Cost: Free
Available for iOS and Android
Suppose that the Love Calculator (see above) says that you and your mate are a match and you’re ready to settle down, long term, and you want to pop the question on Valentine’s Day. This app can help you pick out the right engagement ring. You can view rings in 3D, at multiple angles and even how they look on a hand. If you see that special ring, you can use the app to get a price quote - just make sure you’re sitting down and breathing deeply when the quote comes in. Also, don’t be one of those people who pops the question between periods at a hockey game on the jumbotron, unless you’re really really really sure she’ll say yes.

Free Candle/Candle Free
Cost: Free
Available for iOS and Android
These two apps can help you set the mood via candlelight if you’ll be spending Valentine’s Day in a hotel room or somewhere open flames are prohibited, like an airplane or oil refinery. The iOS version will also let you play music from your device at the same time, while in the Android version the candle flame will follow your movements with “realistic physics.” Both versions allow you to “blow out” the candle by blowing into the device microphone, so you can impress your sweetie with your magical powers.

Kissing Test
Cost: Free
Available for iOS and Android
This app is for those of you extremely insecure types who want to assess the quality of your kissing skills. You literally pucker up, put your lips to the device screen and have at it. The app will then analyze your smooching ability. No word if the kid in that awful GoDaddy Super Bowl ad used this app to prep for his big moment.

Do you have any apps that you’ve used to help plan for Valentine’s Day or just for showing how much you love your spouse or steady date? Let’s hear about it in the comments.

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