iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending Feb. 22

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The depth of winter seemed to have a chilling effect on iOSphere rumoring. Most of the mongering activity focused on the shocking "news" that the 4.8-inch iHumongous phone has been "delayed" until mid-2014.

Both the news and its shock value raced through the iOSphere even though the stock analyst's Note to Investors, which triggered them, merely analyzed possible manufacturing challenges that might affect the unannounced and perhaps nonexistent phone's price or schedule.

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And photos that claimed to give us a detailed look at "sweet, sweet innards" of the "iPhone 5S" turned out to be much less than met the eye. Kind of like a metaphor for iPhone rumors.

You read it here second.



iPhone 6 "delayed" until 2014

Stock analyst Peter Misek, who just weeks ago helped fuel speculation about a roughly 5-inch screen iPhone 6, poured icy water on the iOSphere's fervid hopes in a new Note to Investors. The NTI has been widely and wildly interpreted as saying that the iPhone-that-Apple-hasn't-announced has been "delayed."

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MacRumors picked up on Misek's new speculation in a post headlined "Apple's 4.8-Inch iPhone 6 Reportedly Not Launching Until Mid-2014." 

MacRumors' Eric Slivka quoted from Misek's most recent NTI, wherein the analyst says that he sees "three possible bottlenecks for the iPhone that could contribute to lower yields (and hence higher costs) and/or a delayed launch."

But this introductory statement is already different from the MacRumors headline. Based on that quote, Misek is simply saying that there are "possible" problems that could affect iPhone 6 costs, the phone's release schedule, or both.

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