iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending Feb. 22

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"The photos show a device with an outward appearance very similar to the iPhone 5, but the internals show essentially no resemblance to an Apple-designed device," Slivka wrote.

Here are "examples of just a few of the inconsistencies," Slivka wrote:

  • A battery capacity of just 1130 mAh compared to 1440 mAh for the iPhone 5;
  • An apparent SD card slot;
  • Loose red and black wires connecting components;
  • A green PCB for the connector bearing no resemblance to Apple's Lightning connector.

But wait. There's Another Possibility. What if Slivka is too quick in his dismissal? What if instead of a clone, this is actually a prototype? What if it's a prototype of the iCheapo phone? Using, you know, cheaper stuff, smaller battery, and all that?

You need to rumor creatively. Maybe this rumor will have legs after all.

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