App Developers Balance Ease of Use, Enterprise Needs


Getting the enterprise IT sanction, of course, can lead to the big-number sales that can significantly boost a software or a service's bottom line. Box COO Dan Levin talked of "CIOs in Kansas City" who wouldn't even consider software that didn't interact with Microsoft Windows. For deals in tens of thousands of seats, Levin said, there needs to be assurances about security, privacy, and integration with Microsoft Active Directory. Box and DropBox have both made noise recently about adding more enterprise controls, in order to help snag those big-number deals.

But yet Levin also said that "the top-down world [of IT department leadership] is done. BYOD is here to stay."

So if there is a fine balance, odds are that developers will err on the side of usability first, management later.

"It feels like we're at the end of the feature checklist," said Sujay Jaswa, VP of sales and business development for DropBox, meaning the sometimes-long list of features needed before IT would approve an app or service. "It's now all about making software for people."

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