IDC: Tablet Shipments will Pass PCs in 2013


Whenever I get comments on my blog posts saying things like "people aren't using tablets in the enterprise," I like to point those folks to statistics like the ones released by IDCtoday, including the prediction that tablet sales will overtake PC sales this year.

IDC, the analyst side of the house of IDG, the parent company of this site, released its latest Smart Connected Device Tracker report and found that more than 1 billion smart connected devices shipped last year, led by big growth in smartphones and tablets. While you can delve through the figures to see the breakdowns I think the analysis provided by Bob O'Donnell, IDC's Program Vice President for Clients and Displays, is especially pertinent for enterprises. Here's what Bob had to say about the device trend:

"Consumers and business buyers are now starting to see smartphones, tablets, and PCs as a single continuum of connected devices separated primarily by screen size," O'Donnell said. "Each of these devices is primarily used for data applications and different individuals choose different sets of screen sizes in order to fit their unique needs."

What that means to me (wearing an enterprise hat) is that knowledge workers are seeking out the type of device that will help them do their necessary work in the most convenient form factor possible. For a lot of workers, discovering how powerful and portable tablets are is a bit of a euphoric moment. And according to the IDC numbers, tablet (and smartphone) use is only going up. So whether it's through a corporate process or via BYOD, my guess is that tablets are going to be used a lot more for work. Just saying they aren't is denying reality.

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