PC Sales Dive; Are Enterprises 'Right-Devicing?'


If you follow the mobile industry today's report ofPC sales numbers plummeting probably isn't too surprising. I'm guessing that we are finally seeing the results of a lot of mobile workers finding out that there are other, better devices out there now than a full-powered PC.

Though the numbers include consumer purchases, I am betting there are a fair amount of the mobile workforce represented in the figures released by IDC. With tablets, phablets and even smartphones with big screens allowing people to do a lot of collaborative work -- email, video chat, even document sharing -- there has no doubt been an "a ha" moment for many mobile workers who find they can get along just fine without a traditional laptop or desktop PC. Call it "right-devicing," for a shift to finding the device that is right for each individual.

As CITEWorld's Matt Rosoff points out, the numbers are telling for PC-related vendors, especially Microsoft, but I think there are some signals for enterprise IT that can't be ignored, especially for corporations who think they are going to duck the BYOD trend. Moving away from PCs also means moving away from standard software license models, so there is more than one shift going on here. The only thing that seems certain is that the days of "a laptop for everyone" are going away, quickly.

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