Twitter Chat on Wednesday: The 'OSSM' Cloud


Please join us on Wednesday, May 1, for our second Twitter chat, this time with featured guest Dave Nielsen, co-founder of CloudCamp, who will explain why he thinks Cloud services are "OSSM." (Watch the video below to get an explanation of the acronym.)

We'll be using the hashtag #BYOD4Biz which might not map directly to cloud, but that is the hashtag we want to keep for our chats so we can track all our conversations. And we will be asking Dave some questions about how BYOD and cloud fit together, so the hashtag won't be as left-field as it may look now.

We'll be asking Dave some questions to get the discussion going, but feel free to jump in and ask him your own cloud questions, or to add your own 140-character insights to the questions we throw his way. See you on Twitter on Wednesday. If you can't make it live but want to ask a question, send it to me via email to paul at mobileenterprise360.com.

Join us:






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