Here are some features iOS 7 could really stand to include

It's the little things that make iPhone owners happy, version to version


Wish upon a frosted Gorilla Glass!

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It's not too hard to find out what the technorati and analysts are expecting Apple to unveil at its 2013 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). Just search it out, and you'll hit one of many lists. Like this one from 9to5 Mac: a flat-designed iOS 7, an OS X 10.9, a streaming iRadio service, new MacBooks, so on and so forth.

But that's the big stuff that everyone is expecting. What I find exciting is when Apple adds little things that fix actual problems. Like when they added AirDrop, the Mac-to-Mac file sharing tool that is just so handy when your wife needs that PDF file. Or the addition of "VIP" contacts to Mail on iOS, which makes it almost as prioritized at Gmail.

So, then, a few things that would be really great to see Apple not exactly announce, but at least toss out there, at Monday's big show:

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