iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending July 19

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As the fall crawls closer, the iOSphere is obsessed with pinning down the exact date of the iPhone 6 announcement, which is a problem akin to knowing the exact location of an electron at any given instance.

The quality of date speculation varies widely, most of it no more than a cursory gloss on Apple CEO Tim Cook's statement that new products would be announced "beginning in the fall." So stock analysts solemnly assured us that mass production of the Next iPhone will start, like, soon. And one blogger has through the exercise of naked reason deduced that iPhone 6 will be announced on one of two days in September.

Also this week: Production of the iPhone cheap has already begun though it appears to lack any rational basis for its existence; and Apple prevented a delay in releasing the iPhone 6 by buying a chip plant, even though there's no evidence that iPhone 6 is or might be delayed.

You read it here second.


"The iPhone 6 release date delay has been prevented as Apple bought its own chip maker to produce parts for the device."

~ Tony Crammond, TheFullSignal.com, revealing the heretofore unknown threatened "delay" of the iPhone 6, without bothering to explain how the as-yet-unsubstantiated purchase would un-delay it.__________

iPhone 5S starts mass production at end of July, for autumn unveiling

The obsession with knowing the precise moment when a klaxon blares at a gigantic Foxconn assembly plant in Taiwan, signaling the start of mass production for the Next iPhone, continues.

In part, because it feeds the obsession with the precise date on which the Next iPhone will be announced.

This week's contribution is from Jeffries Group stock analyst Peter Misek, whose most recent Note To Investors says the klaxon will sound at the end of July, according to Jay Yarrow's post at BusinessInsider. 

"[Misek] says the new iPhone is likely to be released in either late September or early October," Yarrow writes.

In other words ... sometime during an almost five-week period in, yes, the fall.

But Misek doesn't seem too certain, because according to Yarrow, he only "believes" mass production will start by month's end; and that the Next iPhone is only "likely"  to be announced in September or October.

This doesn't exactly Advance the Field of iPhoneology. We actually know no more today about the announcement date than a reasonably intelligent person could have surmised about it the day after Apple announced iPhone 5S in September 2012   that it is indeed likely that the Next iPhone will be announced in September or October 2013, and that therefore large-scale manufacturing will start sometime in the summer of 2013.

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