iPad 5 rumor rollup for the week ending July 23

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Such a move also apparently contradicts a February 2013 post by DigiTimes, which claimed that its industry sources said that Apple was embracing for iPad 5 a glass-film combination with dual indium tin oxide conductive coating, which layers both sides of a single display substrate. This is the technology used in the iPad mini. The Rollup covered this rumor and the associated alphabet soup of acronyms in early February [see "iPad 5 will have GF2 DITO OMG IMHO screen structure"] 

At that time, DigiTimes posted: "Apple's current 9.7-inch iPad models use a G/G [glass on glass] touch screen structure. The sources said Apple's move to use DITO technology shows the company is looking to bump up its competition in the tablet segment and that it has more adequate supply to the technology compared to one-glass-solution (OGS) technology."

OGS for iPad 5 could mean applying a more mature technology than that used for the in-cell display in iPhone 5, resulting in a cheaper, lighter, and thinner assembly compared to the current fourth-generation iPad.

Which is likely to be announced ... in the fall.

iPad mini 2 due in fall of 2013 because a Korean display maker is shipping more units

Look: if a rumor works for the iPad, why not the iPad mini 2?

The connection between the two is somewhat tenuous, in The Rollup's opinion. And in any case, we end up where we've been for months: expecting a new iPad mini 2 about a year after the last one in the fall.

The display maker in question this time, named in yet another DigiTimes post, is LG Display. And according to another, or perhaps the same, batch of unnamed "industry sources," LG Display is boosting or getting ready to boost shipments not only of 9.7-inch displays for iPad 5 but also 7.9-inch displays for iPad mini 2.

"LG Display expects to ship 2.5-3 million 9.7-inch panels a month for the iPad in the third quarter of 2013, according to industry sources," DigiTime declares. That sounds like a lot, but it turns out 1 million, or maybe 2 million, of them will for iPad 5, the rest for "previous iPad models."

But more importantly, "LGD is reportedly making new headway in producing Retina panel technology for use in the next-generation iPad mini," DigiTimes assures its readers. "Despite previous speculation that Apple might not launch the new iPad mini until next year, the sources claimed that there has been no delay in LGD's panel production for the Apple tablet. LGD expects to ship about 2-3 million units a month for the new device, the sources said."

The DigiTimes post, as so often, neatly sidesteps exactly when the iPad mini will ship, only saying there "had been no delay."

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