iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending July 26

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The first thing one notices in just glancing at the application is that it was filed in January 2012. Apple may indeed implement this battery optimization invention in a future iPhone, but it's not going to be in the 2013 iPhone. Quite apart from the time and effort required to make any invention reproducible cost-effectively on a mass scale, each iPhone is in development for years, not months.

Campbell gives a straightforward account of the invention described in Apple's application. "To help reduce power consumption, Apple proposes a system that can compare the estimated time period a user will spend on their device with battery reserves, determining whether the device has sufficient power to last for said period. If the battery does not have sufficient power, the system will adjust "one or more characteristics" to conserve energy."

IBT ransacks other recent patent applications and AppleInsider posts in the same way, noting one invention that lets users "actively engage on social media activities even in the middle of active call but the conversation must be put on hold prior to sharing moments captured in images. File sharing is also possible." OK. We can see how that works: talking on your phone while simultaneously updating your Facebook page or tweeting. Somehow.

Pineda: "Basically, the system allows access of contents in a given handset during active calls, opening up a gateway for the following: pictures, music, videos, status updates, upcoming calendar events and location information while talking...." Glad we cleared that up.

Yet another is an invention "that will employ multiple sensors in capturing high-quality images with fewer flaws. The invention is described as a unique technology that can interleave imaging data from two or more imaging sensors, resulting in higher quality photos than a setup with a single sensor.'"

Killer inventions each and every one, for sure. Just don't expect them as features on the 2013 iPhone.

iPhone 5S, and "plastic iPhones" release will lead to canceling of the iPhone 5

Breaking with past practice, Apple plans to announce the iPhone 5S along with its new line of "plastic iPhones" and scrap the iPhone 5, instead of continuing to offer one version of it at a discount.

At least that's how MacRumors' Richard Padilla interprets a barflegabbing Google Translation of a post at Korea's ETNews.com.

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