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Here's how you can download and install the free Movie Roll app for Android. Movie Roll lets you get tons of information about movies; including trailers, reviews, ratings, release dates, and lots of other stuff.

Download and Install Movie Roll for Android
1. Go to the Google Play page.

2. Tap the Install button.

Movie Roll App for Android Official Description
"Millions of movies and celebrities on your phone and tablet. Organize and discover. Find what movie you want to watch.

- Full movie information, budget and revenue
- Movie reviews and trivia
- Trailers
- Posters, photos and images
- IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes and Flixter ratings
- Similar movies and collections of movies

Movie charts:
- New openings and future upcomings in theaters
- New DVD releases
- Most popular and movies for today
- Top box office
- Oscar awards, Golden Globe awards
- Subgenre charts: Steampunk, Girls with Guns, Time Travel, Zombies and many more

- Multiple genres at once, over 30 genres
- All major film studios
- All movies by year
- Actors, directors, producers, writers and crew members and their filmography
- Movie charts created by users

Upcoming features:
- Showtimes and theaters.
- Buy tickets.
- Create your own movie lists and collections.
- Review movies.
- More options for "What movie should I watch?"

Additional Resources for Movie Roll for Android
Movie Roll on Twitter
Email Movie Roll Developer

Movie Roll for Android

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