iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending August 30

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The iOSphere was brightened by a gray beam of light this week: new photos showing a new color. Though a better name, a more Appleish name, is "graphite."

That's a fourth color for the soon-expected iPhone 5S or 6, along with the jazzy champagne and traditional slate and eggshell.

Also this week, a resurrected rumor fingers Labor Day as The Day, for the announcing of the Next iPhone(s), even though Apple seems to be running late with the invites; the future of plastic bodies for more iPhones and iPads; and the Human Fly on the Wall explains what Steve said to Tim.

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You read it here second.

iPhone 6 or 5S will be a rainbow of colors...a muted rainbow

In addition to the wildly exciting gold, or "champagne" iPhone, we now look forward to the sleek gray, or "graphite," iPhone, based on still more photos posted by the world famous Sonny Dickson, of Australia. The photos purport to show a grey-bodied iPhone "5S", some with a variety of internal components also displayed.

If true, buyers of the rumored iPhone 5S will be able to choose the high-end iPhone in traditional slate and white, plus champagne and graphite. That much choice could overwhelm the iOSphere.

Some of the photos reveal the front and back of the graphite phone along with an array of internal but unidentified components. In this photo, the third from left is apparently a home button assembly, which may or may not have an integrated fingerprint scanner somewhere.

iPhone 6 to be released on Labor Day, September 2

Just in time for the holiday, a recycled rumor claims that Apple will announce the iPhone 6 or whatever it's called on Labor Day, Tuesday, Sept. 2. Or possibly today or tomorrow.

"Word is going around that Apple may announce the Apple iPhone 6 before the end of August or early September," writes Mike Johnson at Auto-O-Mobile, without bothering to give any evidence regarding just where the word is going around.

He makes a passing reference, but no link, to "IBT" which apparently means International Business Times, a hotbed of rumor mongering.  

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