Sign and send documents from your phone, for free, without pain

THe little app you'll want for those oh-shoot-signature-required moments.


Our phones can read fingers, so it's about time they took signatures.

Via HelloSign Play Store images.

Sign and send documents from your phone for free, without pain

Do you know about HelloFax and HelloSign? You do if you've ever so much as mentioned a fax machine or a scanner while in my hearing distance. They have a rather simple goal: free people from the awful handcuffs of fax machines, scanners, and online PDF "editors" that lose your data like it is their job.

I'll give you a few minutes here to sign up for all the free services of HelloFax and HelloSign, and to send them your signature to be used and reused and reused again. I have used both of them with contractors, the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, IRS forms, and things of more and less official significance, and I have never encountered any problem. If your employer or client was somehow suspicious, HelloSign creates a very legitimate signature audit trail attached to your documents. In any case, take my word for it: you can repair your front steps, renew your license, and pay your taxes without ever lining up paper or hunting for a toner cartridge.

Even if you know the fax-slaying heroics of the Hello products, even if you know their Y Combinator backstory, you might not know that HelloSign has an iPhone and Android app that gives you even more latitude to deal with the occasional need for a signed document, wherever you are. In some ways, it is even easier than using HelloSign from a laptop.

Capturing a document for signing in HelloSign.

Via HelloSign Play Store images.

I can think of many stressful car rides in my life where one person in the car realized they did not send in the release form or other obligation to the place where the car was headed, and this is a bad moment for everyone in that car. If they have HelloSign installed, they can pull the PDF out of their email (or, on Android, from phone storage, or any app that can pass along a PDF or image), or take a picture of a paper document. Then they use their finger to sign on their phone screen. Then they send that document along by email to their destination. Then everybody calms down, and "Don't Stop Believin'" comes on the radio, and everybody is singing, and, man, what a great trip to the mud run this is going to be!

A less dramatic version of HelloSign's convenience is that your spouse, friend, business partner, or relative is at an office and needs you to sign something, but you're miles apart. Have them send you the document by PDF (maybe using Handy Scanner, or have them snap and send an image to you. You sign it, send it back, and nobody has to give up their lunch break to bridge one of the last gaps in human communication.

Install HelloSign right now, because it is one of the best apps to have on hand for life's little ink-required emergencies.

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