All the videos from Apple's iPad Air event

Missed the livestream? Here are all of Apple's commercials from the event


In case you were working or otherwise occupied (or if you didn't have a Macintosh or Apple TV to watch the live stream live), here are all of the ads that Apple showed during yesterday's announcement of the new iPad Air, iPad Mini with Retina Display and the rest of the new stuff:

First up, we get the "Apple - Introducing iPad Air" video, which features an appearance from everyone's favorite designer, Jony Ive (does he live/work in an all-white room?):

In case you didn't understand how thin the new iPad Air is compared with previous "fat" iPads, this TV Ad should drive home the point:

They also showed a more generic video, "Life on iPad", showing how awesome the iPad has become for everyone on the planet. This video will remind you that your job is likely less cooler than all of these people using the iPad in their lives:

The next video is this behind-the-scenes look at the new Mac Pro system, to prove that Apple is more than just iPads and iPhones. Although it might be a while before the company gives me a Mac Pro to edit video on, it looks like a really fast and sleek system:

Apple will likely post the entire event on its YouTube channel soon (they usually do it about a day or two later), if you want to relive the moment of Apple executives saying how magical their products are, and a bunch of people applauding in the audience.

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