How to get Android notifications on your Linux desktop

Stop reaching into your pocket and wondering about every vibration with this clever Android/Linux mirroring tool.


And now, whenever your phone and laptop see each other on a Wi-Fi network, your laptop will serve up the same notifications as your phone. For an app that's labeled as "Alpha," and a Linux server app that was its author's first attempt at Python, I'm quite impressed. There are other apps that can speak between Android and Linux, but LinConnect seems like the most fluid connection: all the notifications delivered over simple Wi-Fi.

Now, if you want to actually respond to the text message notifications you get on your laptop now, there's ClockworkMod's DeskSMS app, which allows you to reply by email, chat client, or Chrome extension, as if it was from your own number.

What other phone-to-laptop tools do you like for avoiding other-screen distraction and keeping aware of your pings?

A big hat tip to OMG! Ubuntu! (yes, its real name) for posting about LinConnect on Google Plus.

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